Right-Wing ‘Free Speech’ Rally In Boston Forced To End Early Because Of Embarrassing Turnout


As an estimated 20,000 people turned out in Boston to march against white supremacist hate, the originally planned “free speech” rally in the same city appears to have been a massive failure.

It was so bad, in fact, that the small number of right-wing demonstrators that turned out in Boston Common closed up shop early, according to local reporting.


According to pictures on the ground, the number of people marching in the right-wing rally was embarrassingly small, with one reporter on MSNBC noting that only two dozen decked out in Trump gear turned out.

When faced with the 20,000 counter-protesters reportedly in Boston, the “free speech” activists likely figured there was no point in being there.

While last weekend’s demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia were defined by chaos, hatred, and violence, the march in Boston on Saturday couldn’t have been more different, when thousands of Americans of all backgrounds gathered to speak out against white supremacist hatred.

Note to right-wing demonstrators planning the next “free speech” event: It’s only a rally if people show up for it.

Picture via Twitter user @dialecticsite