Trump Is Losing Big Money As 7 Charities Have Ditched Plans To Hold Events At His Private Club

The financial losses are piling up for Trump as seven charities have announced that they will not be returning to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago private club to hold fundraisers.

David Fahrenthold of The Washington Post tweeted his list of charities that have bailed on Trump:

According to The Post, Trump could be losing millions of dollars from these canceled events, “The cancellations hit at one of the private Florida club’s top moneymakers: The club earned between $100,000 and $275,000 each from similar-sized events in the past during Palm Beach’s glitzy social seasons.”

There are two things that Trump appears to love more than anything else in this world. Trump loves getting good publicity, and he loves money. The President’s comments on Charlottesville are earning him unending negative publicity, and he is losing money.

The many financial conflicts of interest in Donald Trump’s presidency cut both ways. Trump is the using the presidency to make money, but there is also potential there for a disgusted population to strike back by hitting Trump in the wallet. Never in the modern presidential era has a president been so vulnerable to outside financial pressures.

Charities are pulling away from Trump because the Trump brand name is becoming closely associated with racism. No good charity wants to risk their good name by being associated in the minds of the public with Trump’s support for racists.

This is a reminder that Trump is not only ruining the presidency. He is also destroying a business.

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