Adam Schiff Speaks The Truth About Trump’s Mental Issues And Problems In Must See Interview

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) argued on CNN that there are some mental issues and problems with Trump that were apparent at the beginning of his presidency that are not going away.


Schiff was asked about invoking the 25th Amendment and removing Trump from office, and he delivered a very thoughtful answer.

Rep. Schiff said to CNN’s Jake Tapper:

I certainly think there’s an issue with the President’s capability. There’s some attribute of his character that makes him seemingly incapable of introspection, and a broad understand of what the country really needs, and I think it’s a question people are asking. What is going on with this president? What can explain this kind of behavior?

It began at the very beginning, Jake. I remember when he had won the election and within days seemed to suggest that the only reason that he didn’t win the popular vote was that millions of people came to the country and illegally voted, and I thought to myself, ‘Oh, my God. This man is not only not going to grow with the job, but is willing to state things that are patently untrue.’

I’m convinced that if you took somebody off the streets of America, and you said, you’ve just become president, but here’s the deal, you didn’t win the popular vote. They would have the common sense to say look, I’m going to do everything that I can to win over everyone. I realize many people, indeed most people didn’t vote for me, but he didn’t do that. He’s not capable of doing that. I don’t understand why, but I do understand what a serious problem it is, and I think more than when I say it or when Jackie Speer says it, the fact that Bob Corker now says things along the same lines shows a broadening recognition that there are some serious issues with our president that aren’t going to go away that aren’t going to get better, and indeed, with the pressures of the job may very well get worse.

Schiff argued that because of Trump’s problems he needs the best people around him the White House, not people like Bannon, Miller, and Gorka.

Rep. Schiff’s answer was one of the most reasonable that you will come across about Trump’s issues. Schiff didn’t call Trump crazy. He didn’t call Trump mentally ill, but he did make the case that should be clear to every American.

This President has some kind of mental or character problem that prevents him doing the key part of the job that involves understanding the needs of the entire country and representing the whole country.

Donald Trump is acting like the only constituency that matters is the one that won him the Republican nomination.

Trump has revealed himself to have problems, but as long as most congressional Republicans turn a blind eye to Trump’s issues, the only solution to those problems will be to elect a Democratic Congress in 2018.