Opinion: Trump’s Unparalleled Ignorance and Stupidity Will Lead to More Bloodshed

When it comes to the scourge of White Supremacy, Donald Trump has been mistakenly labeled as an enabler. Donald Trump is not just that. He is an inciter, an igniter, a provocateur of intolerance and racial hate.

The aftermath of Charlottesville, Virginia represented a much-needed opportunity for Donald Trump to paint a new picture of his morbidly failing presidency. What he provided instead, was a series of colossal missteps, which only mirror his tenure in the White House.

Trump’s refusal to chastise and condemn White Nationalists, who descended upon Charlottesville to protest the removal of a monument to slavery, was distasteful and decidedly unpresidential. His decision not to call the mayor of Charlottesville was bereft of thought. Trump’s failure to mention the death of Heather Heyer, initially, or reach out to her family, was a callous and further revelation of a man with a broken moral compass. Ultimately, his resounding defense of White Nationalists was the proverbial final nail in the coffin of Americans, who will undoubtedly lose their very lives, in defense of racial equality.

The fact is that Donald Trump rode a wave of White Supremacy to the highest office on the planet. His candidacy was endorsed and emulated by members of the far right. His presence on the national political stage emboldened racists to emerge from behind their masks and shrouds of secrecy to stand in the light, unafraid of repudiation. He encouraged violence at his rallies and even promised to pay legal fees of perpetrators of violent acts. He owns this movement of White Supremacy, and sadly Heather Heyer is only the first victim.

Actions reveal character, and by way of his deeds, Donald Trump has proven to be not only a bigot, but he is also by far, the least intelligent president in the history of our country. Trump has now pivoted from the ugliness of Neo Nazis and KKK intolerance, to project a message of the preservation of monuments, as commemorations to American history and culture. Trump’s epic ignorance doesn’t allow him to comprehend that these monuments are a testament to the very worst of America. These memorials are tangible symbols of the oppression of an entire race of people and the continued attempted destruction of its culture.

The Civil War was fought because a segment of this country was determined to keep black people enslaved, underfoot, uneducated and less than second class citizens. American slaves were treated as less than human, by sub human Caucasian owners. These so called beautiful statues are a constant reminder of the most repulsive era of American history. Furthermore and of extreme significance, is the glossed over fact, that the south and it’s racist, reprehensible idealists LOST the Civil War.

Somehow, the south, wallowing in the disgrace of defeat, was allowed to erect monuments dedicated to the men who attempted to subjugate African Americans for eternity. These masochistic momentos of barbarianism should have never existed in the first place and to defend their preservation now, as a part of history, is a repugnant and ludicrous affront, not only to African Americans but millions upon millions of people of all races, creeds, colors, and religions across the planet.

By engaging in the foolish and dangerous denial of truth, Donald Trump has burdened America with the prospect of future violent uprisings by alt right extremists, with far deadlier consequences. Just as despicable and delusional, is the president’s assertion that counter protesters reside on the same level as Klansmen and Nazis. In the specific case of the Black Lives Matter movement, it should be said that the formation of the organization, was made necessary by the very same conditions that allows the presence of public remembrances to slavery.

A wake-up call needs to be delivered to the short sighted individuals, who insist the removal of these repugnant statues equate to an attempt to change history. The remnants of slavery can never be undone. History itself has been distorted and diluted within the school system, omitting white acts of oppression and savagery as well as profiles of courage, perseverance, and brilliance of people of color.

The depiction of Native Americans is wrought with untruths and falsehoods, the most egregious, being the very discovery of America. It’s impossible to discover a land that is already inhabited, yet it’s presented as fact to children. Your desire to preserve history should be rooted in books of fact, not concrete statues owed to oppression, genocide and the loss of the most important war in American history.

Donald Trump is a bigoted dullard, who has fueled an all consuming fire, which threatens to engulf democracy and induce epic civil unrest. If his idea of historical preservation held any merit, we should erect monuments in Oklahoma City to Timothy McVeigh, at Columbine HS to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, to Osama Bin Laden at the hallowed ground of the World Trade Center. That too is a part of our history. However, anyone with common sense realizes this would inspire bloody clashes and violent deaths in protests of such a vile and monstrous display of insensitivity. So the obvious question is, why should African Americans be subjected to such profound disrespect?

By standing in defiance of the abolishment of monuments to oppression, Donald Trump is risking life and limb of Americans and the outcome, along with every drop of blood spilled, will be on his hands. RESIST…