Trump Tries To Prove That Science Is Fake News By Looking Directly At The Eclipse

In the most Trumpian of all Trump moments, Donald Trump ignored the warnings of scientists and looked directly at the solar eclipse.

White House aides could be heard according to the pool reporter shouting at Trump not to look at the eclipse without protective glasses, but here was Trump…looking at the eclipse:

Here was another shot of Trump looking at the eclipse without glasses:

Finally, someone got Trump to put on the glasses and stop staring at the eclipse unprotected:

If Trump doesn’t go blind, he either proclaim all science is fake news, or he will tweet that he has the best eyes, which can withstand dangerous rays that regular eyes can’t. If Trump goes blind, he will blame the fake news media and Obama.

Trump supporters don’t understand why Republicans and Democrats have been questioning the President’s mental state, but when the man who is supposed to be running the country doesn’t even know enough not to look at an eclipse with the naked eye, there is reason to believe that something might seriously be wrong with this President.