Disaster For Trump As His Own Pollster Reveals That Republicans Are Leaving Him

While trying to point out that it is Congressional Republicans who are losing support by not backing the President, Trump’s own pollster revealed that Republicans are also leaving the president.

Trump’s pollster, Tony Fabrizio tweeted:

Trump’s net approval has dropped by 12 points as the President dropped six points in approval among Republicans and gained 6 points in disapproval. However, Trump’s numbers are flat out good compared to how Republicans view their Congress. Congressional Republicans lost 14 points in approval and gained 14 points in disapproval for a (-28) net swing.

When the best argument that the President’s own pollster can make is that Trump’s dumpster fire isn’t as bad as McConnell and Ryan’s dumpster fire, things are worse than anyone could possibly imagine. If the point is that Republicans in Congress would be more popular with their base if they moved in lockstep with Trump that might be true, but they would still be losing support.

The poll illustrates the perfect road map for low Republican turn out midterm election. Republicans are cooling on their president. They don’t like the Congress that is controlled by their party, and they have zero incentive to come out and vote in 2018.

Trump may not be as bad off as congressional Republicans, but even his personal pollster can’t hide the fact that Republicans are leaving Trump.