McConnell Allies Warn Trump He’ll Be Impeached If He Keeps Attacking Republican Senators

Mitch McConnell’s allies sent a stern warning to Trump that if he knocks off Republican Senators and Democrats get control of the Senate, he’ll be on the fast track to impeachment.

The New York Times reported:
But Mr. McConnell’s allies warn that the president should be wary of doing anything that could jeopardize the Senate Republican majority.

“The quickest way for him to get impeached is for Trump to knock off Jeff Flake and Dean Heller and be faced with a Democrat-led Senate,” said Billy Piper, a lobbyist and former McConnell chief of staff.

The interesting part of that quote from McConnell’s former chief of staff is that Democrats getting control of the Senate wouldn’t be enough to impeach Trump. If Democrats were to take back the Senate, they would at best have a slim two vote majority. It takes 67 votes to convict and remove a president from office. McConnell’s former chief of staff seems to be saying that there are enough Republican Senators who would join with Democrats to remove Trump from office.

It is possible that there are 15-16 GOP Senators who would vote to convict Trump. Guessing who those Senators are would make for an interesting game.

The threat to Trump was clear. If he keeps messing with Republican incumbent Senators, he’ll be risking getting thrown out of office. This the biggest omen yet that Senate Republicans are coming closer to turning on Trump.