Several Members Of Infrastructure Council Quit As Trump Presidency Dies A Slow Death

Several members of Trump’s infrastructure council have resigned as anyone with a sound mind is fleeing the radioactive president.

The Hill reported:

“We can confirm that a number of members of the NIAC who had been appointed under the previous administration have submitted their resignation,” a White House official said in a statement to The Hill.

“The NIAC met today as planned with the majority of its members, who remain committed to the important work of protecting our Nation’s critical infrastructure.”

Trump has had three other councils be abandoned or dissolved in the past week. In the history of the presidency, it is difficult to find any other president who has so quickly become so toxic through nothing but his own statements and behaviors. The Trump administration is trying to sell this as the Obama appointees leaving, but the problem goes much deeper. The appointees from the previous administration left due to Trump’s Charlottesville comments.

The President has had trouble finding and hiring qualified staff because so few people want to work for him. His administration has struggled with the bare basics of competence and governing, and the biggest problem of all has been the man himself.

Trump is alone and isolated, which is why he is holding “campaign rallies” less than a year after taking office.

The Trump presidency is dying a slow death, as the President himself is killing the Executive Branch.