Rachel Maddow Drops A Bombshell Poll That Shows Americans Want Trump To Resign Over Russia

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow had a preview of a bombshell poll from PPP that revealed how close Trump is to being brought down. The poll showed that if conclusive evidence is found of Trump/Russia collusion, the American people overwhelmingly want him to resign.



The poll by PPP asked if voters thought the Russia story was fake news:

PPP then asked if the American people believe that Trump campaign officials colluded with Russia:

The big question was that if there is conclusive evidence of Trump collusion, should the President resign:

The twenty point margin that would call for Trump to resign if there is conclusive evidence of Russia collusion is a bombshell that explains why the President is obsessed with the Russia scandal. Trump is one conclusive investigation away from a majority of the country calling for him to either resign or be removed from office.

Interestingly, the 34% who believe that Trump shouldn’t resign is the same baseline number that shows up often in polling on his job approval. Trump’s support in the United States is roughly one-third of the country. That 34% will stick with Trump no matter what the evidence shows. Those people are irrelevant to the conversation. It is the 12% who aren’t sure that Trump’s future hinges on. If 66% of the country calls on Trump to resign, Congressional Republicans will be under immense pressure to abandon Trump.

Momentum is growing for Trump’s removal from office. The President is hanging on by a thread, and Robert Mueller is holding the scissors.