Trump Supporter Shouts John McCain Needs To Die Now Outside Of Phoenix Rally

The same people who continue to support Donald Trump after he supported white supremacists and Nazis are also the kind of people who are calling for the death of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) outside of Trump’s rally in Phoenix.

This is the scene outside of Trump’s rally:

Whether or not one agrees with John McCain is irrelevant. The man is battling a brain tumor, and it is a matter of simple human decency to not call for his death. Any person that would support this president is lacking in character in empathy.

It is unknown why this man would shout John McCain needs to die now at protesters who may not be fans of McCain. His attack makes no sense, but it reveals that Trump knew what he was doing when he defended the Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville. Donald Trump’s base of support is the ugly underbelly of American society.

The tone in Phoenix is already ugly, and it will only get worse once Trump hits the stage.

Trump isn’t America’s president. He is the president of a faction of ugliness and intolerance that has no place in American society.