Former Intel Chief Says Unfit Trump Is Looking For A Way Out Of The Presidency

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper questioned Trump’s fitness for office and speculated that Trump’s behavior was an indication that he is looking for a way out of the presidency.


Clapper called Trump’s Phoenix rally scary and disturbing. Clapper was asked if he was questioning his fitness. He answered, “Yes, I do. I really question his ability to his fitness to be in this office, and I’m also beginning to wonder about his motivation for it. Maybe he is looking for a way out. I do wonder as well about the people attracted to this rally as well as others. What are they thinking? Why am I so off base? Because I don’t understand the adulation. Of course, that is why I think he gravitated toward having this rally, as ill timed as it is. He should have quit while he was ahead last night. Again, I think the real Trump came through last night.”

Attaching logic to Trump’s motivations requires giving this president the benefit of the doubt. Over the last two years, the country has seen irrational and unstable behavior from Trump on an almost daily basis. I doubt that Trump’s behavior is part of an elaborate plan to escape the presidency.

The much scarier thought is that the man sitting in the Office Office is not fit to be president. If this is the case, it is not a matter if Trump is removed from office, but when and by whom. Is a Republican Congress going to do it, or will a Democratic controlled future step in and save the country?

A former Director of National Intelligence questioned Trump’s mental fitness. The consensus is building that Trump needs to go, and the next great battle in American politics could center on the removal of an insane president.