Rachel Maddow Says The Trump Presidency Is Doomed As Russia Dossier Could Soon Be Verified

The infamous Trump-Russia intelligence dossier that has been floating around for about a year appears to be on the verge of facing more scrutiny, Rachel Maddow noted on Wednesday night.

As Maddow said, through months of multiple investigations, the dossier – which claims, among many other damning things, that Trump worked directly with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton – has become increasingly verified.

The MSNBC host said if the Trump-Russia dossier becomes the new roadmap to the investigation and more of it starts to be verified, “That could be the whole ballgame” for the president.


The reason this is such a big deal is that, again, nothing in the dossier has been overtly disproved. And if it really is a roadmap to the investigation, well, that’s a very serious roadmap to somewhere for the Trump White House. Because the two main claims in the dossier are that Russia was cultivating Trump for years, including them collecting information on him for years that could potentially oblige him to do Russia’s bidding, and the other part of it is that it alleges overt, knowing collusion between Trump and Russia and Russia’s effort to interfere in the presidential election in order to hurt Hillary Clinton. That’s what the dossier says. And if the dossier is about to be publicly defended and explained and backed up, that’s conceivably the whole ballgame. 

As Maddow also pointed out, the firm that commissioned the dossier – Fusion GPS – says they stand by it 100 percent, with co-founder Glenn Simpson giving 10 hours of testimony on Tuesday, urging the Senate Judiciary Committee to use the firm’s findings as a way forward in the investigation.

It is that kind of confidence in and a renewed emphasis on the Trump-Russia dossier that should have the White House worried going forward.

So far, the document has become increasingly verified since it was revealed a year ago. If investigators take it and run with it, it could be “the whole ballgame,” as Maddow said.

If it becomes fully verified, it will have meant that Trump and his campaign overtly and knowingly colluded with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton in last year’s presidential election – and it would most certainly spell the end of Donald Trump’s presidency.