Trump Is Falling Apart And Having A Real Time Breakdown After Phoenix Rally Disaster

Donald Trump freaked out on Wednesday morning and in a series of tweets revealed a mental state that is declining fast.

Trump tweeted an attack on Sen. Jeff Flake:

Trump attacked the media for reporting facts:

The President revived an inaccurate attack on Mitch McConnell:

There is a common pattern in all of these tweets. There is always someone else to blame besides Trump. The President blames the media for reporting on his racism. He falsely blames Mitch McConnell and the filibuster, when Republicans are already trying to use a simple majority to pass legislation, and he blames his critics like Jeff Flake for the failure of his agenda.

The White House obviously was hoping that the Phoenix rally would boost Trump’s mental state and put him in a better mood, but all the rally has done is cast a national spotlight on the declining mental condition of this president.

Trump is breaking down in real time tweet by tweet for all the country to see.

Instead of calming the unstable president, the Phoenix rally has made the situation much, much worse.