Trump Reeling As The American People Say They’d Be Better Off Under Hillary Clinton

A new Quinnipiac University Poll found that by a 49%-40% margin the American people believe that the country would be better off with Hillary Clinton as president.

Check out the responses to this Quinnipiac University question:

At first pass, the numbers look like the 2016 election with only white people, non-college educated whites, and Republicans thinking that they would be worse off under Trump, but a look at the age breakdown shows that all age groups think that the country would be better off under Hillary Clinton. By a small margin, Independents also believe that the country would be better off under Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton did win the popular vote by 3 million votes, so the finding that more people in the country think that the US would be better off if she had won is unexpected, but the trouble for Trump is that the idea that his election was a mistake is setting in with voters. Trump squeaked by on election day because the Russians and his campaign were able to manipulate the media coverage to take attention away from Trump and thrust it onto imaginary Clinton scandals.

Since Trump has taken office, the American people have realized that Trump and Clinton were not equally bad choices as Republicans and the Russians wanted voters to believe. The country is waking up and realizing that Trump’s election was a terrible mistake that they will seek to correct first by taking out the GOP Congressional majority, and then getting rid of Trump in 2020.