Trump Dares Senate Republicans to Impeach Him By Attacking GOP Sen. Jeff Flake

Allies of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wanted Trump that he is heading for impeachment if he continues to attack Republican Senators, so Trump responded by attacking Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake.

Billy Piper, McConnell’s former chief of staff said, “The quickest way for him to get impeached is for Trump to knock off Jeff Flake and Dean Heller and be faced with a Democrat-led Senate.” The Senate can’t impeach the president. If the House passes articles of impeachment a trial is held in the Senate, with 67 votes required for conviction and removal from office.

Trump responded by attacking the incumbent Republican that he was explicitly warned not to go after:

There are two things that Republicans don’t understand. Donald Trump doesn’t think he will ever be impeached, and he could care less if Republicans lose the Senate. Trump only cares about Trump. The Republican Party means nothing to him. He would burn the GOP to the ground and hand Congress over to the Democrats if he thought it would win him reelection in 2020.

The President is virtually daring McConnell and the Republican Senators to take action against him. Trump is still mad about having to sign the Russia sanctions bill, and he is taking it out on his own party.

Republicans enabled Trump, and now he behaves like an out of control child.

Donald Trump is begging for impeachment, and if he keeps pushing, he might get what he wants.

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