As Trump Mentally Collapses, Battleground States Poll Signals Deep Trouble For Republicans

Trump’s mental collapse is being noticed in the battleground states, as a new poll shows deep and widespread voter concern about Trump’s behavior and the threat that he poses to the country.

According to the George Washington University Battleground Poll:

The survey, taken August 13-17, found a large majority of voters — 71 percent — agreed his “behavior is not what I expect from a president” (27 percent disagreed), and 68 percent agreed his “words and actions could get us accidentally involved in an international conflict” (29 percent disagreed).

Almost two-thirds (63 percent) of the registered voters polled said the country is on the wrong track, and a majority (56 percent) had an unfavorable view of President Trump (41 percent favorable). A similar number disapproved of the job he’s doing as president (55 percent), while 42 percent approved, and 56 percent also said he has not been effective as the president, while 39 percent said he has been effective.

Trump hasn’t not only failed to live up to the standard of behavior expected of a president. He has failed to live up to the standard of behavior expected of a decent human being.

Three battleground states (Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania) gave Trump the presidency by a 78,000 vote margin. Trump is a problem that can’t be fixed with policies, teleprompter speeches, or votes in Congress.

This poll provides a preview of the kind of election that voters are building to in 2020. In 2016, Trump with a huge assist from Putin and the Russians was able to make the election all about Hillary Clinton and several bogus scandals. Without Clinton around to act as a diversion from his own behavior, the focus is all on Trump.

Donald Trump is tarnishing the presidency and costing America respect around the world.

The central issue of the 2020 campaign is already taking shape, and that issue will be the lack of character and behavior of Donald Trump.