Trump Sends Texas A Propaganda Video Instead Of Hurricane Harvey Preparedness Tips

The Trump White House is helping Texas prepare for Hurricane Harvey by releasing a propaganda video that shows Donald Trump walking through FEMA with action movie music playing in the background.


In the video, the camera stays focused on Trump while the crawl below tells people who are facing a hurricane that America is great because we prepare. In other words, Texas, you’re on your own. Good luck with the whole hurricane thing.

This is not what a competent White House that is running the country does. Before hurricanes, previous presidents released statements, went on camera, and used their bully pulpit to inform and prepare people. Donald Trump views a potentially deadly hurricane as a PR opportunity. He isn’t worried about saving lives or trying to prepare the country for disaster.

All the people in harm’s way need to know is that Trump walked through FEMA once, so he is now an expert on hurricanes, so he’s got this.

If people weren’t worried about Hurricane Harvey before, they should be now.

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