Hillary Clinton’s Emails May Bring Down Trump As Focus Turns To Trump/Russia Hack Collusion

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is looking at Mike Flynn’s role in trying to get Hillary Clinton’s emails from the Russians for the Trump campaign.

The Wall Street Journal reported, “Special counsel Robert Mueller is examining what role, if any, former national security adviser Mike Flynn may have played in a private effort to obtain Hillary Clinton’s emails from Russian hackers, according to people familiar with the matter. The effort to seek out hackers who were believed to have stolen Mrs. Clinton’s emails, first reported by The Wall Street Journal, was led by a longtime Republican activist, Peter W. Smith. In correspondence and conversations with his colleagues, Mr. Smith portrayed Mr. Flynn as an ally in those efforts and implied that other senior Trump campaign officials were coordinating with him, which they have denied. He also named Mr. Flynn’s consulting firm and his son in the correspondence and conversations.”

If the Trump campaign worked with the Russians, or actively tried to obtain the hacked emails from the Russians, it would be a direct link and proof of collusion between Trump and Russia. There are two big questions about the Russia investigation. Did the Trump campaign collude with Russia during the presidential election, and did Donald Trump obstruct justice when he fired James Comey?

Behind all of the chaos caused by Trump and his administration on a nearly daily basis, the Russia scandal continues to churn forward every day.

It is pretty easy to see why Trump is doing everything that he can to shut this investigation down. Special Counsel Mueller and his team are leaving no stone unturned. Anyone who has followed the Russia investigation understands that it is complex. It has dozens of moving parts and figures, and that is without including the examination of potential Trump financial crimes. It is going to take a long time for this investigation to be completed, which is a good sign for the American people because the longer this investigation takes, the better the odds that the true events of the 2016 election will be exposed.