Major Storm To Hit US As Trump Has No Director At The National Hurricane Center And NOAA

The refusal of the Trump administration to adequately nominate and staff the federal government could come back to bite them as a major hurricane is set to strike the United States.

CNN reported, “Trump’s pick for FEMA administrator was confirmed in June, but officials at NOAA are still waiting for Trump to nominate someone to lead the key weather monitoring agency. The post remains vacant — and without a Trump nominee — alongside dozens of other deputy, under and assistant secretary positions in the Trump administration that require Senate confirmation. Unrelated to those nomination woes, the National Hurricane Center is still fielding applications for a permanent director after its chief resigned in May.”

The agencies that help to predict and deal with hurricanes are understaffed and in some cases don’t even have nominees, because Trump has done such a poor job of staffing the administration. The country is playing with fire with Trump as president. It doesn’t matter if the President is paying attention if the government doesn’t have the personnel in place that it needs to respond to a natural disaster.

Trump is dangerous in numerous ways, but let’s hope that Hurricane Harvey does get the chance to reveal that Trump’s incompetence and indifference to the basics of governing can be deadly.