Republican Senator Reminds Out Of It Trump To Pay Attention To The Giant Hurricane Hitting Texas

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley (Iowa) felt the need to remind the President Of The United States to pay attention to the hurricane that is about to hit the state of Texas.

Grassley tweeted:

This is how far the presidency has fallen. Trump is so out of touch with reality that he needs to be reminded of a looming serious natural disaster that is likely going to cause massive damage and has the potential to be deadly. Grassley’s comparison to Bush and Katrina is a good lesson for all presidents, because after the storm, Bush administration officials admitted that they did not properly prepare for the consequences of the Hurricane.

After eight years of Obama preparedness and competence, it is frightening to think that Americans may lose their lives because the people who is now president is not paying attention. Trump country ready for what is coming. The country should not have to prepare the President to do his job.

Obama received bipartisan praise for the way that his administration responded to natural disasters. There is still no indication that the Trump administration has a plan in place to deal with Harvey.

The fact that someone who has communicated personally with Trump felt the need to issue this warning is a sign that the people in the path of this storm could be in big trouble if they are expecting Trump to be there for them.

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