Republicans Demand Praise For Trump Because He Got A Hurricane Briefing While On Vacation

The Republican Party is demanding praise for Donald Trump because the President managed to get a Hurricane Harvey briefing while on vacation.

The RNC tweeted:

The doing that the RNC is talking about is that someone managed to get the short attention span president to participate in a hurricane briefing while he was on his usual weekend vacation. Notice that Trump couldn’t be troubled to interrupt his vacation and stay in the White House as Obama did during Hurricane Sandy.

Warning: the following briefing readout from the White House comes from a source (President Trump) that has provided false readouts in the past:

After multiple updates from the Chief of Staff last evening and this morning, President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence met today with their Cabinet and senior members of their Administration to discuss ongoing Federal support for Hurricane Harvey response and recovery. President Trump emphasized his expectations that all departments and agencies stay fully engaged and positioned to support his number one priority of saving lives. He reminded his team that the full impacts of this storm would occur over the next few days with heavy rains and flooding. The President directed his Federal team to remain fully engaged and in support of the Governors of Texas and Louisiana. He sends his thanks to the many volunteer and faith-based organizations that are dedicating their time and effort to helping their fellow Americans. The President and Vice President extend their thoughts and prayers to those affected.

As everyone who is following the hurricane story knows, the real danger period for the areas that did not take a direct hit from the storm is in the coming days as massive flooding is expected.

Republicans are trying to spin the story so that Trump gets preemptive credit, and the American people don’t notice what has the potential to be a massive human tragedy in the coming days. The Republican Party wants preemptive praise for a job that has yet to be done.