Trump Proclaims His Own Hurricane Response Great While Harvey Is Still Going On

The worst flooding due to Hurricane Harvey is yet to come, but Donald Trump is already proclaiming that he is doing a great job.

Trump tweeted:

Trump is more interested in spinning the political response to the hurricane than warning people that the storm is still going on, and that continued rain and dangerous flooding will put them in danger through most of next week.

The President’s messages are irresponsible. All Trump is concerned about are his own poll numbers. He is trying to use the deadly storm to boost his own poll numbers, and he will expect the media to lavish praise upon him. Trump apparently has not learned the main lesson of Katrina about the dangers of prolonged rain and flooding. Saturday was supposed to be the easy day regarding flooding. The situation is going to get much worse before it gets better, but instead of telling people the truth, Trump is trying to look busy during the storm while proclaiming that things are going well.

It is almost like Trump is trying to convince himself along with the rest of the country.