Elizabeth Warren Puts Trump To Shame By Offering People Real Ways To Help Harvey Victims

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) did what Donald Trump appears incapable of doing. She offered real support, empathy, and ways for people to help Hurricane Harvey victims.

Sen. Warren tweeted:

Compare Warren’s tweets to Trump’s which have ranged from look at what a good job I’m doing on this hurricane thing:

to Mexico will pay for the wall:

In days of tweets since the hurricane was about to make landfall, Trump’s Twitter stream contained one retweet from Mike Pence’s account advising people to visit ready.gov to prepare for the storm. It is doubtful that the retweet of Pence actually came from Trump and not a White House staffer, but there is not a single message of empathy in Trump’s stream.

Elizabeth Warren is showing Trump how a president is supposed to behave, and in the process is revealing herself to be the sort of high character individual that America needs in the White House.