FEMA Calls Harvey The Worst Disaster In Texas History As Trump Says Everything Is Going Great

FEMA Director Brock Long is calling Hurricane Harvey the worst disaster in Texas history while Donald Trump is touting how great everything is going.

The FEMA Director told The Washington Post, “This will be a devastating disaster, probably the worst disaster the state’s seen. The recovery to this event is going to last many years, to be able to help Texas and the people impacted by this event achieve a new normal.”

Meanwhile, over in Trump la-la land:

Later came the excuses, in case things aren’t so great:

Trump needs to ask the people in Houston who need to be rescued if they think things are going great. The reality is that it is way too soon to tell how things are going. Texas is in the midst of a historic crisis.

Donald Trump continues to show that he is more interested in political spin and earning himself good publicity than he is with managing the crisis.