Obama Humiliates Trump And Shows How Real Presidents Lead With Harvey Tweet

Former President Obama tweeted a classy message to first responders and showed Trump how a president is supposed to lead during a natural disaster.

Obama tweeted:

Obama did something that Trump still hasn’t done. He encouraged people to help out and get involved.

In contrast, Trump seemed to revel in the tragedy of more rainfall coming, but he did praise the “spirit” of the people who are losing their homes and worldly possessions:

Who or what was Trump thanking?

Obama was an intelligent, competent, visionary, and empathetic president who also just so happened to not have white skin.

The whole skin color thing freaked out Republicans, so they responded by voting for the orange Fred Flintstone.

At times like these, when the nation needs the voice of a president, it is when Barack Obama is missed the most. The dropoff from Obama to Trump becomes painfully evident in these moments when the two can be compared side by side. Trump should read Obama’s tweet and feel humiliation and shame over how he has communicated with the country disaster. Trump has no ability to feel embarrassment, shame, or empathy.

Donald Trump is the classic empty suit used car salesman who continues to tell the country what a great job he is doing even as the 4th largest city in the US is increasingly underwater. Obama’s leadership and dignity shine on, and a fine example of what presidential leadership should be.

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