As People Are Dying In Texas, Mentally AWOL Trump Attacks Democrats And Lies About Border Wall

Trump showed that he is mentally not there on Sunday by dismissing Hurricane Harvey flooding, which is killing people, as going great while focusing his attention on attacking Democrats and lying about Mexico paying for the wall.

First, Trump attacked Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri:

The President dismissed the ongoing disaster in Texas:

Trump later repeated his lie that Mexico would pay for the wall:

Trump was more worried about attacking a Democratic Senator and creating a cover for his eventual backing off of a government shutdown over the wall than he is about people in Texas who are facing days of deadly rain and flooding.

A thousand people had to be rescued overnight as catastrophic flooding has Houston residents trapped in their city. The known death toll from the storm stands at two, but that number is certain to rise.

America needs a president that is focused on a historic natural disaster. Instead, Donald Trump is mentally AWOL. The president is babbling about his wall, attacking Democrats, and making threats about NAFTA. Someone should ask the people who are being submerged by flood waters if things are going “great.”

People are fighting for their lives, and Donald Trump doesn’t seem to care.