Trump Is Trying To Profit Off Of Hurricane Harvey By Using The Presidency To Sell Hats

Trump is taking profiting off of the presidency to a disgusting new low by using Hurricane Harvey a product placement ad for hats that he is selling on his website.

The White House released photographs of Trump wearing baseball caps during Hurricane Harvey teleconferences that are for sale on his website for $40 each.

Gabriel Snyder caught what Trump was up to:

Here is the link to the hat on Trump and Pence’s campaign website. The hats stuck out like a sore thumb. A president who was otherwise in a suit was wearing a baseball cap while he was supposed to be getting briefed on a natural disaster in one of America’s biggest cities. The whole thing was off, but it also revealed what Trump prioritizes most.

Since Trump uses campaign funds to line his own pockets, the red and white hats are more examples of Trump views the presidency as a QVC hour, and not the most important job in the world. People are losing their homes and in some cases their lives, but all Donald Trump is concerned with is how he can profit off of the platform presented by the hurricane.

The President should be worried about the people who are suffering in Texas. Instead, he’s just trying to sell baseball caps. The presidency has been replaced by an infomercial for Donald Trump and his crappy merchandise.