Trump Shamefully Erases Data On Worker Deaths From OSHA Website

The data on worker deaths have been scrubbed from the OSHA website, as worker safety protections are under attack from the Trump administration.

Politico reported, “For the past several years, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration had maintained a running list of workers killed on the job — including the date, name and cause of death — near the top of its home page. The list included every worker death reported to OSHA, regardless of whether the company was issued a citation. On Friday, the box on the home page disappeared and was replaced with information on how companies can voluntarily cooperate with OSHA to reduce safety risks. That information was available before but is now displayed more prominently. The new fatality list, buried on an internal page of the website, does not include incidents where a worker was killed if the company was not cited for violations.”

The only reason to take this step is to make it easier for employers to create less safe working conditions. The Trump administration gave the green light to employers to create unsafe working conditions, and let them know that there will be no consequences from the federal government if workers are injured or die on the job.

The White House is hiding the number of workers in the United States who die on the job.

Donald Trump sold himself to voters as a billionaire pro-blue collar jobs president, but his main agenda has always been to lower wages while ending rules and protections for workers. The President is taking the country back to the days of the robber barons and Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle.

The great irony is that a president who is obsessed with putting people to work in coal mines doesn’t want the American people to know how many of their fellow citizens die due to workplace incidents.

Trump won’t be satisfied with undoing Obama’s legacy. He wants to undo all progress from the last 100 years.

America doesn’t have a president. They have a backward time machine in the Oval Office.