Out Of His Mind Trump Proclaims His FEMA Director Famous As Levees Break In Houston

Trump was more concerned about his FEMA Director getting famous on television than he was about levees breaching and people being in danger south of Houston.

Dams are overflowing, levees are breaching, and Jeff Lindner, meteorologist with the Harris County Flood Control District, told the BBC, “This is something we’ve never faced before, so we’re trying our best to wrap around what exactly this water is going to do.”

The President Of The United States is also in Texas, but Donald Trump was more concerned with his FEMA Director getting famous on television:

The video above shows Trump celebrating the fame of his FEMA Director on television. People are losing everything, including their lives and loved ones, but Donald Trump is concerned with who getting famous off of the storm and selling baseball caps. Trump once again used Hurricane Harvey as an excuse to sell more of his tacky $40 baseball caps.

As Trump was on his way to Texas for a photo-op, officials in Brazoria County were telling people to get out now:

Trump is trying to use the storm for his own political and financial benefit, but all he has proven is total unfitness for the presidency.