Trump Supporters Demand That Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton Be Jailed

It is easy to see why Trump will be going to Missouri for his next rally, as his supporters in the state have voiced a demand that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama be jailed.

In another one of those let’s go talk to Trump supporters media pieces, the Kansas City Star reported:

In fact, one of the most common complaints from those who support Trump is that he should be doing more to see Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama prosecuted and jailed.

What exactly would Obama be prosecuted for, I asked Jeff Mason, who operates heavy equipment. “Look at his presidency!” he said. “Bottom line, the guy’s a criminal.”

There is something Twilight Zone like about people supporting a man who is under federal investigation for potential collusion with Russia, making false and misleading statements to federal investigators and obstruction of justice calling for political opponents who are not under criminal investigation to be jailed.

The statements of the Trump supporters make it clear that they are endorsing the jailing of political opponents. It is ironic that people who think that they are defending the Constitution are vocally supporting trashing the constitutional system of government.

Trump supporters are an isolated fringe who are living on their own planet. They don’t believe in democracy or the Constitution. There is an ugly authoritarian fringe on the right, and those people have found their champion in the White House.

The daily swirling chaos of the Trump administration can be overwhelming, but at the heart of the storm is an attack on democracy that the American people can’t afford to lose sight of.