Trump Is Using His Trip To Texas Hurricane Disaster To Sell Baseball Caps

The White House press pool released a photograph of Trump leaving for Texas and in his hand is a baseball cap, which he is selling on his website.

Here is the picture:

The First Lady is wearing stilettos to survey flood damage. The hat can be seen in Trump’s hand:

Trump is either going to be trying to sell his white USA hat, which costs $40 on his website, or the white MAGA hat, which sells for $25 on his website. No matter which hat he is selling, it appears that the President is going to use a visit to a state where catastrophic flooding is ongoing at a product placement to sell hats.

The President did the same thing during his Harvey briefings during the past weekend.
His stunt didn’t go unnoticed by CREW:

THe hat was so unimportant to Trump that he wasn’t wearing while leaving for Texas, but the odds are good that he’ll have it on for the TV cameras when he is in the Lone Star State.

Trump is corrupting the presidency and turning it into a vehicle for his own financial gain one hat at a time.