Kelllyanne Conway Humiliates Herself Trying To Defend Trump’s Horrible Poll Numbers

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway tried to attack the media by saying that someone should call her when the media’s numbers are higher than Trump’s. The problem is that they already are.


Conway said, “Why don’t you throw up the mainstream numbers as well. Somebody can call me and let me know when the President’s approval rating gets as low as the media’s approval rating, and the Congress’s and the party’s.”

Somebody better get Conway on the phone, because her talk of approval ratings muddied a very important point. The media is already more trusted than Trump. A February Quinnipiac University poll found that 52% of voters trust the media more than Trump. Only 37% of voters trust Trump more than the media. A July Politico/Morning Consult poll found that the media is slightly more trusted than Trump. A third poll found that CNN is more trusted than Trump by 7 points.

Kellyanne Conway has moved from alternative facts to straight up delusion. Approval ratings don’t tell the story. The fact that the White House doesn’t want the American people to know is that this president has zero credibility. Trust matters more than approval, and in the case of Donald Trump, Americans trust the media more than they trust the President Of The United States.

Conway’s spin to prop up the failing president is an attack on the dignity of the White House itself, and a national humiliation.