A Poll From His Favorite News Network Drops Tons Of Terrible News On Trump

A new Fox News poll has found that most Americans think Trump is tearing the country apart, and many of them don’t think that he will finish his term in office.

According to the Fox News poll:
. His job ratings are increasingly negative — and 56 percent feel Trump’s “tearing the country apart,” versus 33 percent who say he’s “drawing the country together.”


He receives net negative ratings on North Korea (43-50), taxes (37-45), immigration (43-54), Russia (35-56), the environment (36-56), and health care (34-60). His worst marks are on race relations (33-61 percent), where disapproval outweighs approval by 28 points.


By a 58-34 percent margin, voters think Trump will finish his term.

The Fox News polls have been a little more positive for Trump than the consensus, so when Fox’s poll finds that a majority think that Trump is tearing the United States apart, the situation is likely to be even worse than the polling indicates. Trump is viewed as a divisive force that is ruining the country. What is most surprising is that less than sixty percent of respondents think that Trump will finish his term in office.

Trump is losing support in the poll with conservatives, Republicans, and whites without a college education. The President has a 55% disapproval rating in a FOX NEWS POLL.

The President’s numbers are beyond bad. These are numbers that appear to have no upside. Forget turning his numbers around, Donald Trump will be lucky to make it through his entire four-year term in office.