Sen. Kamala Harris To Co-Sponsor Medicare For All Bill In The Senate

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) announced at a town hall that she would be co-sponsoring Medicare for all legislation in the Senate because it is the right thing to do.

Harris tweeted:

Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is behind the Medicare for all effort, thanked Harris:

The two political parties are moving in two very different directions on health care. Republicans have made repeated efforts to take health care away from millions, as the GOP vision for coverage is that you get what you can afford, while Democrats and Independents like Sen. Sanders, are moving towards a single payer universal health care system.

Medicare for all, or a universal system, has always been the long-term health care goal for Democrats. Obamacare was always viewed as the first step in part of a longer policy process. There would be an intensely negative backlash if the country immediately switched to Medicare for all. What is coming in the immediate future looks like an expanded Medicare program with a public option, but getting a Senator like Kamala Harris on board signals that the future is bright for Medicare for all.