Trump’s Own Voters Are Calling Him Nuts In A Critical Swing State

A focus group was held in Pennsylvania, and the outcome was even worse than Republicans could have imagined as Trump’s own voters are calling him nuts.

Politico reported on the focus group conducted in Pittsburgh:

Christina Lees, a Republican leaning independent, said she’d gotten tired of Trump.

“We know he’s a nut. Everyone knew he was a nut. But there comes a point in time when you have to become professional. He’s not professional, forget about presidential,” she said.


Hart asked if there’s a chance of Trump’s getting their votes back.

“He’s going to have to really get cracking,” Turner said.

“I hope and I pray that he will make a paradigm shift,” Sciullo said. “He is our president until and if he gets impeached.”

The degree to which some Trump voters have already soured on the man they have voted for isn’t surprising. Private conversations with Trump voters, not the kind the mainstream press seeks out in the look at these people still sticking with him stories that they like to run, revealed that for many people in swing states their vote for Trump was conditional.

They expected him to deliver on the pie in the sky promises that he made. There is a core base that loves Trump, but the majority of his support was conditional, and Trump has done the opposite of delivering. He has been unable to lead Congress. He has been a domestic and foreign policy failure, as the only consistencies of his presidency so far have been playing golf and tweeting.

When Republicans are questioning Trump’s sanity, things are very bad. The fact that Republicans in swing states are thinking that Trump may be impeached is even worse.

People who voted for Trump are running away, as Democrats may need a 2020 nominee who is not polarizing, respectable, and sane to win back the White House.

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