Trump’s Mental State Worsens As He Snaps Into Dark Moods And Turns On Those Near Him

A new portrait of Trump’s mental state reveals a president whose mood is growing increasingly dark as he obsesses over his media coverage and turns on the people close to him.

The Washington Post reported:
Behind the scenes during a summer of crisis, however, Trump appears to pine for the days when the Oval Office was a bustling hub of visitors and gossip, over which he presided as impresario. He fumes that he does not get the credit he thinks he deserves from the media, nor the allegiance from fellow Republican leaders he is owed. He boasts about his presidency in superlatives, but confidants privately fret about his suddenly dark moods.


“He’s having a very hard time,” one friend who spoke with Trump this week said of the president. “He doesn’t like the way the media’s handling him. He doesn’t like how Kelly’s handling him. He’s turning on people that are very close to him.”

The Washington Post report comes shortly after an Eric Trump radio interview where he talked about how criticism is depressing his father, and how it is so intense that it could drive a person to suicide. There has been a steady drumbeat of reports since Trump took office about how dark and depressed the President has become. Trump has made comments about how much he misses his old life, and he has even called the White House a dump.

Trump seems miserable as president. He is terrible at the job, and can’t take criticism. Donald Trump’s ego also loves the fact that he is president, and it is Trump ego that one suspects will never allow him to step down.

Donald Trump appears to not be mentally and emotionally well. He is declining rapidly, and the move to try to stabilize him by making Gen. Kelly his chief of staff looks destined to fail.