Democratic Congresswoman Says Hell No To Paying For Trump’s Racist Border Wall

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) answered with an emphatic hell no when she was asked if she would pay for Trump’s border wall in exchange for protections for Dreamers.


Transcript via CNN:
BASH: — what if there is a deal in the works to say let the Dreamers stay and in return, the president gets his money for his wall?

LEE: Hell, no.

First of all, young people should not be held hostage to…


GUTIERREZ: That’s right. This is like a ransom.


LEE: — racist backwards politics.

If the White House thought that they could tie DACA to funding for Trump’s border wall to get Democrats to vote to pay for the wall, they got a rude awakening from Rep. Lee’s answer. Democrats aren’t going to support Trump’s wall. Most Republicans don’t want to support Trump’s wall, and the vast majority of Americans don’t want to pay for Trump’s wall.

Donald Trump promised the American people that Mexico would pay for the wall. Congress should hold Trump to his promise and not give him a single cent for the wall until he secures the funding from Mexico.

Rep. Lee was right. The lives of 800,000 people who came to this country because of decisions made by their parents should not be used as a bargaining chip or political football. If Trump ends DACA on Tuesday, he may also be kissing his beloved racist border wall goodbye as well.