Adam Schiff Strikes Back At Trump Bigotry With Amendment To Defund Deportation Of Dreamers

Rep. Adam Schiff has an amendment that would not fund any Trump effort to deport Dreamers.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) tweeted his amendment:

There are no less than seven different amendments, bills, and pieces of legislation that may end up being voted on by committees in the House this week. Some of this legislation might be attached to debt ceiling legislation. Schiff’s amendment will make perfect sense if Congress wants to make sure that Trump doesn’t start deporting Dreamers before the six-month delay ends.

Trump is playing to his shrinking base by rescinding DACA, but he is also opening up a giant fault line within the Republican Party. The GOP has been at war with itself over immigration and immigrants since the George W. Bush administration. Trump is about to bring that battle back to the front of the party, while Congressional leadership is also wrestling with Harvey disaster relief, the debt ceiling, and tax reform.

Schiff’s amendment is proof that this Congress has zero trust in Trump. If the President is going to take this senselessly bigoted action, Democrats are stepping up and preparing to protect Dreamers from deportation.

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