White House Admits Out Of His Mind Trump Has No Idea What Ending DACA Actually Means

White House officials admitted that President Trump has no idea what rescinding DACA means or what the consequences of his actions are.

The New York Times reported, “As late as one hour before the decision was to be announced, administration officials privately expressed concern that Mr. Trump might not fully grasp the details of the steps he was about to take, and when he discovered their full impact, would change his mind, according to a person familiar with their thinking who spoke on condition of anonymity without authorization to comment on it.”

Trump is infamous for lack of attention to detail, and possessing the attention span of a methed up fruit fly, so the concern expressed White House officials comes with a great deal of credibility. It is time for the country to stop examining Trump’s decisions and actions through a prism of policy and rational action. The President Of The United States is irrational. Trump has no overriding policy platform because he has no vision for the country.

Donald Trump views the purpose of his presidency as the destruction of Obama’s legacy. Trump doesn’t understand the consequences of ending DACA, but he knows that Obama did it, so it has to go.

American has a president who is out of his mind and unconcerned with little details like the consequences of his actions. The idea that Trump may change his mind later once he sees what he has done is wishful thinking. President Trump knows that his bigoted base wants DACA gone and that by getting rid of DACA, he can bask in their cheers.

The President is a combination of not mentally there and disinterested in governing. The result of these two factors is a disastrous presidency that just harmed millions of people and their families with one ignorant decision.