White House Admits Trump Is Holding Dreamers Hostage To Get Democrats To Pay For His Wall

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders admitted that Trump is holding DACA recipients hostage in a bid to get Democrats to pay for his wall.


Sanders was asked if it was accurate to say that the White House position is that in order for the Dreamers to stay in the country, the wall must be funded.

She answered, “I don’t think that the President’s been shy about the fact that he wants a wall, and certainly something he feels is an important part of a responsible immigration reform package.”

In other words, this is more Trump scumbaggery where he thinks that he can take 800,000 Dreamers hostage to force Democrats and some Republicans to fund his wall. It is important to remind everyone that Trump campaigned on Mexico paying for the wall. Democrats can’t give into hostage taking and negotiate with a president who is terrorizing millions of people because he is mad that Congress has yet to pay for his wall.

Democrats aren’t going to negotiate with a hostage taker, and they aren’t going to pay for Trump’s wall. The President still doesn’t get that he is no longer filming an episode of The Apprentice. He is not negotiating a new hotel. The decision that he made to end DACA means that he has no leverage. It is Trump who is going to take the political blame, not Congress and Democrats.

Democrats in Congress aren’t going to pay for Trump’s wall, and small-time thug tactics aren’t going to persuade them otherwise.

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