Here Is A Blow By Blow Account Of How Trump Got Owned By Democrats On The Debt Ceiling

Trump ignored the recommendations of his own White House and Republican leaders in Congress by quickly agreeing to Democratic demands on the debt ceiling.

Sarah Ferris from Politico heard from a source who was in the room how it all went down:

Trump even ignored the advice of his own Treasury Secretary who was standing in the room with him:

The thought process is that Trump walked into the room ready to give Democrats whatever they wanted because he wants all decks cleared for tax reform. Donald Trump has moved on from screwing over his own by party by pushing them to vote for a bad health care bill to screwing over his own party by putting his desire for a win of tax cuts for the rich ahead of the mess that Republicans are going to face ahead of the 2018 midterm election on the debt ceiling.

The supposedly great negotiator of a president walked into a room and gave the people across the table from him whatever they wanted. No wonder Republicans are livid. They got knifed in the back by their own president who didn’t even try to negotiate their position.

Trump got owned by the Democrats, and there was nothing that any other Republican in the room could do about it.