Trump Makes A Total Fool Of Himself While Trying To Talk About Hurricane Irma


Instead of showing a hint of presidential leadership, Donald Trump could only say that one of the strongest recorded storms in history looks like something that won’t be good.



When asked about Hurricane Irma, Trump said, “We have a lot to discuss, including the fact that there seems to be a new and record breaking hurricane heading right toward Florida, Puerto Rico, and other places. We’ll see what happens. We’ll know in a very short period of time, but it looks like something that will be not good. Believe me. Not good.”

The hurricane that Trump called “not good” is already causing the National Hurricane Center to warn of potentially catastrophic damage. The state of Florida has begun voluntary evacuations.

A scientist at the National Hurricane Center said that he is at a loss for words when looking at the satellite imagery of Irma:

Today is Wednesday, Irma could hit Florida as early as Friday:

All the President can say is that the hurricane is “not good.” When is getting hit by a hurricane ever good? There are no good hurricanes. Irma has the potential to be larger and more powerful than Katrina, and it could hit the United States in two days, and all Trump has got to say to America is not good.

The country needs a president, not a babbling fool.

If Irma makes landfall, Donald Trump is showing that lacks the mental speed and clarity to keep up fast moving national events. The country could be looking at a storm that is worse than Katrina, and the President in charge of the response is more incompetent than George W. Bush.