Bernie Sanders Demands Congress Fight Betsy DeVos’ Attack On Sexual Assault Victims

In the latest discriminatory policy change to come from the White House, Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced Thursday that she will revoke former President Obama’s initiative that seeks to protect women from sexual assault on college campuses.

A short time ago, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders took to Twitter to blast DeVos and the Trump administration for the “outrageous” policy change. He also demanded

As Sanders noted, the fight to address sexual assault has been hard enough, particularly for victims who often face a system that either shames them into silence or allows their abusers to get off with a slap on the wrist.

That’s why the Obama administration took the step it did in 2011, which “lowered the standard of proof in sexual assault cases and allowed accusers to appeal not-guilty findings,” as CBS News noted.

With today’s move by Trump’s education department, the pendulum is again swinging back in favor of sexual assault suspects.

Just when you thought the new administration couldn’t be more dangerous, they rise to the occasion. As Sanders said on Thursday, it’s time for Congress to get involved.