Trump Jr. Blames Hillary Clinton for His June Meeting with a Russian Lawyer

So it wasn’t adoptions, like they first claimed. Nor was it nothing, like they also claimed.

The new reason, according to Donald Trump, Jr.’s statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee, that he met with the Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya in June of 2016 during the U.S. presidential election was because… wait for it, you need to sit down… he was worried about Hillary Clinton’s fitness for office.

“Donald Trump Jr. told Senate investigators on Thursday that he set up a June 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer because he was intrigued that she might have damaging information about Hillary Clinton, saying it was important to learn about Mrs. Clinton’s ‘fitness’ to be president,” according to the copy of Donald Trump, Jr.’s prepared statement The New York Times.

Trump, Jr. denied that he colluded with the Russian government.

The Trump White House prepared a statement, personally dictated by President Trump, in July of 2018 in which they specifically stated that the purpose of this meeting was adoptions of Russian children and the Washington Post noted that it “emphasized that the subject of the meeting was ‘not a campaign issue at the time.'”

That excuse was quickly put to pasture after Trump Jr. admitted that he took bit because he was promised damaging information by the Russians about Hillary Clinton in order to help his father win the election.

Thursday’s new excuse for the meeting with the Russian lawyer sounds almost exactly like President Trump trying to claim he fired FBI Director James Comey because of the way Comey handled the Clinton email investigation, even though it was obvious that Trump fired Comey over his investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia.

Are the Trumps really this stupid that they think by pointing at Hillary Clinton they can avoid being caught? If so, they have no business being near the White House.

But also. Who came up with the idea of making Hillary Clinton’s fitness for office the excuse. That sounds exactly like something President Trump would say, given his penchant for projection of his own glaring issues.

No one but the most partisan of hacks was concerned about Hillary Clinton’s “fitness” for office. This claim alone reveals how conspiracy prone the Trump family truly is, and exactly why – even if there weren’t the Russia issue – they shouldn’t be anywhere near a seat of power.

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