Sen. Kamala Harris Drops A Bombshell: Trump Could Be Called To Testify Before The Senate On Russia

When she asked during an interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber about whether or not calling Trump testify before the Senate was off the table, the Senator from California responded with a firm no.


Melber asked if the testimony or potential hearing with the President off the table. Sen. Harris answered, “No.”

The MSNBC host followed up, “So it’s possible that the Senate could seek his testimony?”

The California Democrat answered, “I think it’s possible. Yes.”

Melber asked, “Under what conditions?”

Harris would only say, “We’ll see where the facts lead us.”

The fact that a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee is saying that Trump could be called to testify on the Russia scandal is a major development that suggests that the door is not closed on potential direct involvement in Russia collusion by the President Of The United States.

One can imagine that Trump could be called to testify if there is evidence personally linking him to the Russia scandal. Trump would try to claim executive privilege and get out of any requests or subpoenas for his testimony, but it is easy to understand why Trump is so obsessed with the Russia scandal. He is closer than perhaps anyone imagines to being on the hot seat and compelled to testify about the Russia scandal.

The Russia investigation is complicated, and it will take time, but investigators are closing in on the truth about the Trump/Russia relationship and what happened during the 2016 election.