Trump’s New Jobs Plan Is To Hire People To Make Coins With His Face On Them

In a new and slightly chilling propaganda video released by Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, the president showcases his big new jobs plan: a program that puts people to work producing metal coins with his face on them.

The lengthy pro-Trump ad shows the president boasting about an executive order he signed to make such a program possible before it goes on to feature a handful of Trump supporters gushing about the unpopular man in the White House.


The campaign footage – presumably shot in Fantasyland, USA – shows workers crafting the metal medallions and beaming with pride about what a dandy job Trump is doing.

“Coming to work every day knowing that I’m making the metal for President Trump gives me a great sense of pride,” one woman said. “Thank you so much, President Trump, every day for what you do for our country. I appreciate it.”

It was three minutes of North Korea-style propaganda, served up to portray Trump as a president who’s fighting for working men and women.

Meanwhile, in reality, Trump has shown himself to be one of the most incompetent and dangerous people to occupy the Oval Office – from his reckless and childish social media tantrums and unprecedented lies to his seemingly deteriorating mental state and discriminatory policies.

At the end of the day, any American working and taking home a paycheck is a good thing, but something tells me there is very little demand for the product Trump is helping create.