Al Franken Perfectly Explains Why Donald Trump Is A Disgrace To The Presidency

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) took apart Trump for being lazy, refusing to learn about policy, or put in the work that is expected of a president by the American people.


Transcript of Franken’s interview with CNBC’s John Harwood:

Franken: Wait a minute. You lumped me in with Trump? Take that back. Take that back, John Harwood. You’re not taking it back.

Harwood: I’m just saying voters get conditioned to what they see in front of them in politics.

Franken: Well, no. One of the reasons that I comfortably won the second time is they saw that I worked very hard, paid attention to them, to Minnesotans, and paid attention to policy and did my work. Donald Trump is the opposite. He doesn’t work. He doesn’t know how policy works. He won’t do his homework. He refuses to work on anything that matters. So, I consider myself a polar opposite of him. I mean, I really do.

And the fact that we are both in a branch of show business — he was in reality TV. A human cannonball was in show business, you know? A rodeo clown’s in show business.

There is no bigger sign of disrespect to the American people than a president who is lazy and refuses to do the basics of the job that he was elected to do. Franken was correct. Outside of being in show business, and reality TV is the lowest form of show business, he and Trump are complete opposites.

Sen. Franken has worked hard to show that he is much more than a former comedian. He has studied policy. He is one of the sharpest minds and questioners in the Senate. Franken has worked hard. Sen. Franken treats the Senate seat that he was elected to with respect.

Donald Trump has acted entitled to the presidency. He has disrespected the American people and the White House itself. Trump has spent much of his time using the presidency as a promotional vehicle for his own businesses. Al Franken got fired up and serious when he started talking about Trump’s poor work ethic.

Sen. Franken’s message is clear. If Donald Trump is unwilling to do the work, he doesn’t deserve to be president.