Trump Holds Secret White House Meeting With New Putin’s New Man In The US

According to the Russians, Trump held a White House meeting with Russia’s new ambassador to the US. The meeting was kept off of the President’s schedule and was not made publicly known.

The Russians made the meeting known via RT:

Russia’s recently appointed ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, has met US President Donald Trump. According to the diplomat, the meeting took place in a “warm and constructive” atmosphere. Commenting on the meeting, the ambassador said that Moscow is ready to take concrete steps to improve relations with Washington. He also expressed hope that the US’ willingness to end its policy of counter-measures would become a reality.

Here is Trump’s Friday schedule as released to the press:

It is not a good look for a president who is under investigation for potentially colluding with Russia to win the 2016 to be holding a secret meeting in the White House with the new Russian ambassador to the US. The Russians could be lying, but at a time when diplomatic tensions between the two countries are escalating, it makes perfect sense that Trump, who is suspected of being a Putin puppet would try to hide a friendly meeting in the White House with a government that is hostile to the United States.

If the meeting happened, it is another red flag about the Trump/Russia relationship. Even while he is under investigation for the Russia, Trump can’t quit Putin. Something is very wrong with this picture, and if this White House is hiding meetings with Russians, it will give Special Counsel Bob Mueller a new area to explore in the Russia investigation.