Al Roker Takes Another Shot At Rush Limbaugh Over Hurricane Irma: ‘We’re Not Hyping This’

With Hurricane Irma expected to approach Florida’s cost over the next couple days, Al Roker took another shot at those who are accusing the media of hyping the storm, most notably right-wing blowhard Rush Limbaugh.

When Roker appeared on Saturday to give an updated Irma forecast, it’s clear the famous weather man was still fired up about Limbaugh’s recent comments accusing the media of hyping up the storm to advance a “climate change agenda.”


Roker said:

Don’t think that, “Oh okay, if I live on the eastern side of Florida, I’m home free.” You’re not, alright? And we’re not trying to scare people, we’re not trying to hype this. We want people to be prepared. You’ve heard it from the governor, you’ve heard it from the head of FEMA. This is a big deal. And we’re not hyping this and we’re not putting ourselves in the line of fire just to hype something up.

Despite Limbaugh’s ridiculous claim that Hurricane Irma is just hype coming from the liberal media, even he has evacuated his Florida home with the storm approaching the state.

Irma has been reduced to a category three storm after hitting Cuba, but as it returns to open water and heads toward the coast of Florida, experts warn that it could regain its category four status.

In any case, it’s a massive and powerful storm, despite the attempts by some to paint it as another liberal conspiracy.