Desperate Kris Kobach Relies On Logical Leaps To Justify NH Voter Fraud Claim

The Trump Administration’s Election Integrity Commission pounced on a report to falsely accuse New Hampshire voters of “mass voter fraud” days before the commission is scheduled to meet in that state.

According to Weigel’s article, Shawn Jasper, speaker of New Hampshire’s Republican controlled House of Representatives, got the report from the secretary of state’s office. Jasper wrongly accuses thousands of voters of criminal activity simply for living in New Hampshire while holding out-of-state driver’s licenses. According to the report 6,540 voters registered to vote on Election Day in November 2016. As of August 30, just 1014 of them obtained a New Hampshire drivers licence. A few hundred voters had registered cards in the state but did not get state licenses.

Based on that information alone, Jasper accused thousands of voting fraudulently. Enter Kris Kobach who wrote in his column at fake news outlet, Breitbart: “If 59.2 percent or more of them went for [Democratic Sen. Maggie] Hassan, then the election was stolen through voter fraud. That’s likely, since the surrounding states are Democrat (sic) strongholds.”

It only took Weigel one hour talking to 3 of the voters who had out of state licenses to prove how nonsensical Jasper and Kobach’s claims are.

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All three were college students who were living in New Hampshire but didn’t change their drivers’ licenses. It’s possible the other voters Kobach accused are students or people who don’t have a drivers’ license.

As Rick Hasen of Election Law Blog pointed out, Kobach and his commission could investigate these cases themselves by asking New Hampshire for the data. Then Kobach could inform the public if fraud was proven. Kobach’s likely problem with Hasen’s suggestion lies in the fact that an investigation might disprove the accusation Kobach made in his Breitbart column.

Hasen points out that Kobach made logical leaps in that column, thus raising questions about his objectivity.
However, when it comes to election integrity, Kobach’s credibility problems don’t end there. Kobach was fined for repeatedly misleading the court in voter ID cases.

Then there’s this exchange is MSNBC’s Katy Tur, as reported by The Washington Post.

KATY TUR: [Do you think that Hillary] Clinton won the popular vote by 3 to 5 million votes because of voter fraud?

KOBACH: We will probably never know the answer to that question. Because even if you could prove that a certain number of votes were cast by ineligible voters, for example, you wouldn’t know how they voted.

Neither Donald Trump nor Kris Kobach are interested in making an objective assessment of the election system’s integrity. They are only interested in suppressing the vote so that future elections will be anything but free or fair. The fact that Kobach pounced on this report, without investigation, proves that Kris Kobach remains the prince of vote suppression.

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